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I've · made · my · decision · never · to · give · up

I'm gonna carry on, keep on singin' my song

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I'm not going to delete this journal, but I'm not going to update it anymore.

All new entries will be on my new journal:


Hope to see some of you over there.
Happy New Year! =]

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So I'm sure you're dying to know how my day went. Well, I shall not leave you in suspense.

Ari's First Day of Junior Year

Spanish 2: Slack class! Sweeet. Sloop seems nice and I have a few friends like Lauren and Cassie in it with me. Half the class are freshies, but whatever.
Physics: Well, I love Soper so I already knew I was going to like this class. The people in it are not the best, but Katie is so it's all good. Katie and I have had the same 1st period for three years now.
American Musical Theatre: Oh man how I adore this class. There are a few people that I severely dislike, but I can deal. CHICAGO, woohoo! I love Roubdoor, what can I say.
Pre-calc: Um, I can easily say that this will be my toughest class. The most random people are in this class. But Chally's there so we basically talked about Chicago the entire time. Ziccardi's nice though.
American History Honors: So right off the bat I knew that I would be extremely lucky if I knew someone in this class. I took AP World last year and decided that AP was not for me this year. Wanagill is soo much fun and this will be yet another slack class. And surprisingly, I found a friend - Ashley. So now I'm set.
Advanced Drama: My favorite class - the people at least. These are the people I've known for two years now - some even more. I love these people. And Roub. And performing. Full-length play next semester, heck yes!
English 3 Honors: Not a bad class. Easy. Cool people are in it. Sorry, I'm getting tired of typing.

Boys: I guess I don't like the majority of boys in my grade for some reason. I have no idea why. There are a few that I have my eye on, but most of them are taken. Lame.

Life: Looks to be an amazing year! I wish I could devulge more, but I can't.

(btw, I'm making most of my posts public now. It will be turned back to friends if need be)

Well it's been a long, been a long, been a long, been long day....

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